King Amenophis
 Father of Ankhenaton & Tutankhamon
 Husband of Queen Tiye of Nubia
 He was known as the divine manifestation of Ptah-  
 Seker-Asar .His protective god was Asar . He reigned for many years as Pharoah of ancient Khamit,and was a devoted spiritualist who lived according to the Nubian-Khamitic law of MAAT (righteousness, justice & truth). King Amenophis was one of the most  remarkable Pharoahs in ancient Khamit who built an enormous shrine of reverence to the only true Creator known to us as Amon-Ra. He married a very beautiful & intelligent Nubian woman by the name of Tiye when she was only 13 years of age, they lived a righteous life and their divine union endured because of the unique love they shared.

King Amenophis was full of adoration and honour for his Nubian Queen; he furnished a magnificent palace with rubies, gold, diamond and other precious jewels to proclaim his undying love for the Nubian Goddess whom he adored, he wrote inspirational poems to exalt his Love as the Queen of Light whose illumination shines down upon him and strengthens his spirit so that he can feel the confidence he needs to conquer all the worlds obstacles, no matter what they may be. Truly, their union was blessed indeed by the hands of Amon-Ra for through the love of the Creator, the honourable Queen of Nubia conceived two of the wisest and intelligent Kings of Khamit, one by the name of Ankhenaton the King who was the founder of the monotheism concept & Tutankhamon the younger son & King who was the reconstructor of the ancient spiritual concept based upon divine obedience to the one Creator, Amon-Ra and the divine law of MAAT , their love lives on today in the Afrikan world of all the black kings & queens who keep our love alive.

Unfortunately, he died at a young age of sickness but with the guidance of Amon-Ra, his Nubian Queen upheld the nation of Khamit upon his passing into the netherworld, his name was not forgotten for through his Queen his legacy lived on & shall live on forevermore as long as the love of the Afrikan family is alive.