I will lift up my eyes to the heavens from whence I receiveth my help, my help
comes from the Almighty Amon-Ra who has provided us with the rich foods of the
Glorious Land of Afrika- fufu, injera, dokono,saza, fish and abundance of fruits
and vegetables. The Magnificent Creator of the Universe bas blessed us with
spiritual prosperity which has allowed our Afrikan Elders to live a joyous
life,full of  longevity in age.

Our Merciful Grand mother and Grandfather whom we know as Amon-Ra, has given
us the Laws of Divine Obedience which we must follow on earth, this Sacred
Order of righteousness=Maat had been the most concrete foundation of the success
of our ancient civilizations. Amon-Ra is full of love for all of us, therefore we
must abide by the Universal Laws of Truth so we may be in union with our
Creator and our Holy Afrikan Ancestors.

We are the Children of tbe Sun, the Spiritual People from the Land of the
Gods, we are the Children of the Most High. We must continually bow our heads
unto Amon-Ra, our Glorious Creator has forever protected us from the hands of
the devils' servants; during the times of Christian and Islamic enslavement,
human bondage and mental colonization. Our Creator sent our Holy Afrikan
ancestors to save us from spiritual and physical extinction. The Children of
Afrika must continue to give eternal praises to Amon-Ra for all the Miraculous
Works She has Done For us. Praises be unto Amon-Ra, Praises be unto his Name.
May Your will be Done.