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   Afrikania In Brief

Afrikania is a concept of life and more importantly, a spiritual revolution that aims at creating a new world order based on Amen-ra, positive consciencism and spiritual equilibrium. It is called Afrikania because it is rooted in the Afrikan experience. Its foundation and its goal is the creator. It is the restructuring of the Afrikan traditional concept which is the first recorded religion of mankind and the mother of all religions.
This Afrikan environment is the father of science, the cradle of civilization and the place where man first saw light. The Afrikan heritage is a gift for the whole world, after all the races of the world spring from the afrikan race, which began in east Afrika. The experience gained over the years, taught mankind the virtues of love, faith, prudence, justice, courage, temperance, honesty, good citizenship and above all; nation building as a spiritual duty. This is the Afrikan concept. It is neither fetish, pagan, idolatrous animism, ancestor worship, or superstition, but an honest approach to Amen-ra and we are proud to improve upon it for the benefit of Afrika and all mankind.
This divine ideology spread along the source of the Nile Kush-Ethiopia and finally Kemet--Egypt. Kemet means land of the black. The inhabitants of this land called themselves Kemites which means " The Black People". Afrikania is not a new concept; it is the rebirth revival and reorganization of the Afrikan traditional religion, so that it can contribute effectively toward human development for the glory of the creator.
Osofo (which means priest) okomfo Dr. Kwabena Damuah told the world after 25 years of priestly service in the Roman Catholic Church, on the 22nd December1982, that the Afrikan Traditional Religion is as god as any other religion if not better. He stated that it is the duty of the Afrikan to study it, promote it and revive it for the benefit of Afrika and all mankind.
In 1983,nine young people were ordained priests to join the struggle for the religious and cultural emancipation of the black nation and to fight for the promotion of the United Nations teaching on human rights and freedom of religion. Currently we are working slowly, but surely, in all the regions of Ghana and other parts of our blessed motherland and the world.
Our humble advice is that the components which unite us; such as building the nation together, and helping our people set up their own small scale industries is stronger than that which divides us, such as envy and colonialist thought. If a person believes that a creature of the most high is equal to him then that is his/her private opinion, but if that person says that a certain son of Jah is the only way to salvation, then that particular teaching is wrong and is an insult to the wisdom and sanctity of Amen-ra.
May the creator of Afrika, the creator of the universe and all good spirits which Amen-ra created for our benefit and not for our destruction along with our Holy ancestors protect Afrika and all the struggling and suffering people of the world.
In 1982, Okomfo Damuah , formed the Afrikania religion and ordained nine young priests to start propagating the message of our holy ancestors. He was the first servant of the Afrikania Mission; He stated "Amen-ra is Good, Amen-ra is Love, Amen-ra is Kind" and the beat way to serve Him is to love your neighbour and respect all the Divines' creatures, both visible and invisible. He stated that no religion has the monopoly of the truth, therefore the Afrikan traditional concept known to us as Afrikania is as good as any other, if not better, and it is the duty of the Afrikan to study it, evaluate it and to promote it towards the development of Afrika and all mankind. He stated that we are all children of the most High and He alone created all of us but all of us do not see Him alike, so each race should develop his own concept of the creator according to one's tradition and culture. Finally, one day we will all meet and give glory to Amen-ra with our beauties and styles, as we say in our tradition "all the colours of the world are beautiful in the eyes of the Creator". He stated that the gods are the children of the Most High, therefore we should consult them for our spiritual problems.
Okomfo Damuah stated, we as Afrikans, should develop our own concept of how best to serve the Creator And how to govern ourselves. We should not take instructions from anyone, for we are all children of the Most high. He instructed us to pour libation to our mothers and fathers who rest in the valley of the dead and all our problems will be heard and resolved, for as you do to your elders so will your children also do unto you. He stated that, all the spiritual teachings of the past were designed to help man reach perfection. He stated that the teachings of the extended family system, which formed the universal brotherhood, were the first ideology, science or philosophy. It was a goal, a trend and an ideal of collectivity and universality. All human beings are brothers and sisters, sons and daughters of the same heavenly mother and father, and they must be united like the cells in a single organism, which all collaborate and work harmoniously for the health and well being of that organism. This is the divine teaching that Afrikania brings to the world