Belief System
We believe in the Creator who has a multitude of names but we Afrikanians refer to Him/ Her as Amon-Ra, a name our ancient Afrikan ancestors have used for the Creator for thousands of years.

We believe in Nwoma Kron Kron and the sriptures of all the Prophets of Amon-Ra.

 We believe in the divine scriptures of our holy Afrikan ancestors which were revealed to them by Amon-Ra.

We believe in the resurrection of the dead not physical but mental and spiritual resurrection.

 We also believe in the resurrection of the righteous servants of Amon-Ra.

We believe the mini-gods are good and were created by Amon-Ra to serve man on his way to righteousness.

We believe in libation prayer.

We believe in the spirit of our ancestors.

We believe in reincarnation.

We believe that Amon-Ra created minor-spirits or mini-gods before creating others and commanded them to help man to do good and avoid evil.

We believe that the symbols known to us as divine images in traditional Afrikan shrines are super scientific spiritual objects which serve as altars.

We believe in the spiritual immortality of the soul.

We believe in the 42 Admonitions of Maat which was given to us by Amon-Ra 3500 years before B.C.E.

We believe that Amon-Ra has assigned special guardians or mini-gods to take care of the days of the week as patrons.

We believe the Creator is one and all, Amon-Ra has no second or equal.

We believe that we as Afrikans do not die, but transcend into a different stage of life.

We believe that Amon-Ra reveals Him/ Herself to every individual nation, therefore as Afrikans we have the responsibility to serve Him/ Her from the Afrikan perspective.

We believe that Amon-Ra created all of us equal but we all do not see Him/ Her alike.

We believe the Afrikan nation must release the psychological chains of their mental framework imposed upon them by the imperialist actions of their colonial masters deriving from their need to divide,conquer and destroy the original Afrikan people.

We believe one of the most dangerous techniques used to cripple the Afrikan nation has been the adoption of the colonial mastersí names, therefore, promoting the neglect of the memory of a peoplesí past and the reshaping of their future.

We believe in the universality of the entire Afrikan world family; we believe that our departed Afrikan family in the Diaspora should come back home and must be welcomed by their Continental family with open arms. It is important that Afrikan peoples understand that the forced criminal act which was committed in the Motherland has contributed greatly to Afrikasí underdevelopment, constant strife, war and poverty.

We can only seek forgiveness from our Creator and our holy Afrikan ancestors if we all repent and live harmoniously as one family, only then shall we be pardoned for our sins. May the Creator of Afrika, the Creator of the Universe in union with our Holy Afrikan ancestors and all good spirits which Amon-Ra created for our Benefit and not for our destruction protect the Motherland and all Her Children and all the struggling and suffering people of the world.
May your will be done.