The SPIRIT OF Amon-Ra spoke to Ankhenaton to reveal  the newfound Divine Concept of One Supreme Being who is the Creator of all  things, this sacred knowledge gave him the power to flee the empire of Khamit  with his wife Nefertitti who fully supported him, and helped her beloved husband  to build his own city called Ankhetaton. The Wise One, Ankhenaton was commonly referred to by  the ancient Elders as a "Religious King" many years before the coming of Christianity.  The Spirit of Amon-Ra had revealed the Secret Trinity of the Gods to Ankhenaton  which he described as "Soul, Spirit and Body",  this Three-in-One  Concept gave Ankhenaton the confidence, perseverance & strength to overcome all obstacles  and rebuild a new City in the Alkebu-lan world. This concept of One Holy Trinity  was copied by Western Europeans (much later in world history) to create  their own version of "religion" which has today been distorted with European supremacy and is now accepted & understood as one of the major Western world  Religions- known today as Christianity .

The Royal Family lived a life of Purity based upon the Law of  Maat which is righteousness, justice & truth. Their relationship was full of love, kindness and understanding. Ankhenatons' first royal wife, Queen Nefertitti
 was the ancient priestess-Queen of her husbands' New City. Ankhetaton, during
all the major traditional ceremonies she rode the Royal Chariot alongside her husband and she also shared partnership with him in all their administrative
affairs, this shows us the regal position of Queen Nefertitti in the political and
spiritual dimension of Khamit. Our honourable Queen of Khamit was honoured & revered by the inhabitants of Khamit as the Divine Wife of Amon-Ra and the
 Keeper of Sacred Knowledge. Our beloved Queen Kiya, the second wife of Ankhenaton was full of love for her husband, she was known as his confidante, lover, sister and best-friend and continually stood by her Kings' side through all his trials  & tribulations, she never neglected her beloved husband when he was in a time of need.

Queen Kiya was also a deep spiritualist who would often devote herself to daily worship at the Shrine of the Gods-Holy of Holies Worship Center at Heliopolis,  the City of the Sun, it was at this Sacred Shrine that Queen Kiya would give service to the Creator and ask for eternal blessings for her husband & their family. Although King Ankhenaton received much support from his wives and children, the Council of Elders in Khamit never agreed with Ankhenatons'  behaviour, in fact they were very disappointed at his conduct towards the ancient Spiritual Law of the Nation. The transformation in Ankhenatons ' life also  disturbed his Mother, Queen Tiye of Nubia, she was extremely distraught with her  son because she did not understand why he was rebelling  against the Original System of Khamit.

Ankhenaton knew that all the Wise Men and Women of the nation were against
him, at this time he became disturbed and went to the Holy  Shrine to pray to
the Creator of his Ancestors for forgiveness, more Knowledge,  Strength and
Wisdom to rule his New Kingdom. The Spirit of Amon-Ra descended upon
Ankhenaton once again to reveal to him that they did not  come to tell him to
change the System of Worship and the name of the Creator  but instead to tell
the whole world about the Concept of One Supreme Being who is the Creator of
all things. Shortly thereafter, Ankhenaton became ill whereby his beautiful wives
and children came to his side to take care of him, they stood by him throughout
his illness hoping and praying that his health would  improve in the near future.
However, soon enough destiny took its' turn and the King of Khamit departed to
the Netherworld of his Holy Afrikan Ancestors to rest in eternal peace. Ankhenaton was 43 years old with four children and two wives when he was
called by his Holy Afrikan Ancestors to the mystical  heavens. During his departure to the Sacred Land of Our Holy Afrikan Ancestors. King Ankhenaton wrote this hymn of praises to extol the Creator of the heavens and the earth:

I have come to you O Nebt-Het
I have come to you, Sun Bark of Night
I have come to you, you who are just in the reddening;
I have come to you, stars of the Northern Sky, Remember me.
It is well with me, with them,
It is quiet for me, for them
Within the arms of my father,
Within the arms of Amon-ra.