Tutankhamon, the young and wise King became the ruler of Khamit at the teen age of 9 through the strength and wisdom of the Most High, Amon-Ra. The spirit of Amon-Ra in union with Asar & Ast, descended upon the Council of Elders to
give them the gift of wisdom and knowledge to support the young King Tutankhamon in all his efforts to reconstruct the ancient spiritual law of Khamit.
The Wise Elders ruled the nation of Khamit successfully with peace, serenity & truth, the divine assembly of the glorious Blackland of Khamit was administered & governed by the Elders of Alkebu-Ian, the Holders of Sacred Divinity. King Tutankhamon, the beloved son of Queen Tiye of Nubia & Pharaoh Amenophis of Khamit is the Magnificent One who was chosen by Amon-Ra to devote his life to the reconstruction of the traditional spirituality of Khamit & all of Alkebu-lan.

At this time in our ancient Alkebu-lan history, the young & wise Tutankhamon
was called to the Throne of the Gods by Amon-Ra to resurrect and reconstruct
the ancient way of life in Khamit. King Tutankhamon was chosen by Our Holy
Afrikan Ancestors in union with the Almighty Amon-Ra to uphold the position
spiritual leader. This honourable status enabled the young King to make many
effective changes in the reconstruction of the Divine Law of the Nation. King
Tutankhamon was always welcomed and respected throughout his mission by the Elders and all the peoples of the land. The inhabitants of all of Khamit trusted
the Young King, they rejoiced and became happy in the works of Our King through his love and devotion for the kingdom of upper and lower Khamit and
the whole nation of Alkebu-lan.

King Tutankhamon has been guided by the Spirit of Amon-Ra to maintain the
Concept of the One Creator- which was introduced by his brother, Ankhenaton,
today this Universal Order has spread all over the world & is now regarded as
Religion. The Blackland of Khamit was a Great Kingdom of Holiness which was blessed by the hands of Amon-Ra, the Creator of the Universe descended upon the earth with our Holy Afrikan Ancestors to show the Children how to follow the Law of Maat- which is divine obedience to the Most High One-Amon-Ra.
Our Heavenly Mother & Father bestowed the gift of wisdom upon the Children
of Alkebu-lan (3 500 years before the birth of Moses) which is today known as
the 42 Admonitions of Maat. Maat is the Universal Code of Moral Law and
Sacred Order which all of the Alkebu-lan nations must abide by in order to live
a righteous life in this world and beyond.

Our Holy Afrikan Ancestors of the ancient Alkebu-Ian World were blessed by
Amon-Ra because they abided by the Sacred Order Of Alkebu-lan, their
obedience to the 42 Laws Of Maat ensured spiritual prosperity for all the peoples of the land The people of the modem Afrikan world today are the only Inheritors of ancient Afrikan knowledge, we must be responsible for the reconstruction of Our Land and Her People.

Afrikan peoples of the world (The Continent & The Diaspora) must make a
conscious choice to resurrect the ancient philosophy of our Holy Afrikan
Ancestors, just like the divine works of the young & wise King Tutankhamon we
must be completely devoted to the reconstruction & resurrection of the Sacred
Law of Our HolyLand-Divine Obedience to the Creator and the ancient way of